With approximately 2.500 green areas, Berlin not only belongs to one of the greenest capitals in the world, but is known also for its huge amount of bridges. Believe it or not, but Berlin is the city with the biggest amount of bridges in the world. With a number of 916, it is more than double than in Venice.

Furthermore, Berlin is not just a top destination through its immense historical significance, metropolis and cultural hub. Known for its diversity, more than 190 nationalities were recorded in 2017. Berlin could not be more diverse and it is a home for everyone!

But you will not just find this international atmosphere in the population of Berlin.
From art exhibitions and theater productions to concerts and festivals, Berlin has more than 180 museums and collections, 440 galleries, 3 opera houses, 8 major symphony orchestras, 98 cinemas, 150 theaters and stages, and many other cultural institutions.
We can only assure you that spending a little more time exploring Berlin is worth every minute.

Please find a few recommendations for your visit here:

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And if you want to take some time off at lunch break or if you just want to escape the big city atmosphere for a little while, the Tiergarten is the best option. It is located near the conference venue at Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin.

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